• Mirella Kersten

Mirella Kersten (1983) was born in Winsum, a small village in the most northern province of The Netherlands. Having been formally educated as a Master of Architecture at Delft University of Technology, she is almost entirely self-taught at the Fine Arts. Currently living and working on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Starting with a story and a vision for the painting she searches for certain aspects in various kinds of graphic materials, transforming those in so many ways that they cease to bear any resemblance to their original context in shape, colour or lighting effects.


During her studies at the Delft University of Technology Mirella learned how to use a wide range of computer programs for graphical design some of which she now uses to sketch her paintings, examine color schemes, shades and contrasts and work out perspective views.


Upon completion of the digital collage, she puts the precise drawing in pencil lines on the canvas which has previously been prepared with a, for each painting specifically chosen, atmosphere-creating layer of diluted paint.


This drawing is then developed in monochrome or colours are applied straight away. As the painting progresses she uses more and more saturated colours. Some built up out of several layers with or without a glazing medium to achieve effects of colour which are impossible to achieve mixing colours on a palette.


Draped fabrics and objects are painted from life as well as people in her surroundings who she asks to pose as a model.


She paints in several cycles, each time background to foreground, further and further perfecting the image. With impasto-medium and sand she creates textures.


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